圆满闭幕 Successful conclusion | 第二届成都国际福祉博览会取得圆满成功,顺利闭幕
圆满闭幕 | 第二届成都国际福祉博览会取得圆满成功,顺利闭幕
Successful conclusion | The 2nd Chengdu International Welfare Expo came to a successful conclusion
On September 23, under the guidance of 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) Disabled Persons' Federation, Sichuan Provincial Committee of Jiusan Society, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Sichuan Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Sichuan Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Sichuan Department of Culture and Tourism, Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and other units, The 2nd Chengdu International Welfare Expo, jointly organized by Sichuan Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation and 11 provincial (municipalities and districts) Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, came to a successful end in Hall 6 of Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center!

A summary video was shown at the closing ceremony. Focusing on the theme of "Creating a barrier-free Environment • Sharing a Better Life", the 2nd Chengdu International Welfare Expo carefully arranged the exhibition area of co-organizers, the FOD Carnival experience area, and the public welfare exhibition area. Rehabilitation, education, employment, culture, sports, and Life barrier-free exhibition area Eight barrier-free areas for disabled people are integrated experience exhibition areas and exchange areas, highlighting regional collaboration, technology, features, and highlights. To carry out the opening and closing ceremonies of FOD Carnival, special activities, FOD Carnival activities.

By holding the second Chengdu International Welfare Expo, it attracted domestic and foreign rehabilitation AIDS technology experts, advanced rehabilitation AIDS service technology, rehabilitation AIDS products, in this venue, with three days, to build an influential regional, professional, support barrier-free cooperation and exchange platform. At the event site, more than 20 institutions docking cooperation intention of more than 10 million yuan. The Welfare Expo has not only become a grand festival for the disabled, but also a grand event to promote the cause and industrial development of the disabled.

The event was co-sponsored by 12 provincial disability welfare foundations in Eastern, central and western China and achieved fruitful results. Representatives of the three provincial foundations launched a joint initiative with the theme of "Creating a barrier-free environment and sharing a better life" to the whole society.
Ruan Guohua, Secretary-General of Sichuan Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation:
1. Implement the Law on Building a barrier-free environment and promote the all-round development of the cause of persons with disabilities. We call on people with a loving heart to help disabled people break through barriers and integrate into society. Gather the strength of society and the great love of society, promote barrier-free brand projects that care for the disabled in the whole society, strive to form an all-round barrier-free environment, and promote the comprehensive development of the cause of the disabled.
Hao Jianxin, Secretary General of Chongqing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation:
Second, consolidate social charity forces and promote high-quality development of charity for persons with disabilities. We call on the charity forces of the whole society to take the initiative to care for the disabled and provide fine services, design projects according to the needs of the disabled, the needs of life, and the current situation, and form a business card and brand of care and service for the disabled, so as to promote the high-quality development of charity for the disabled.
Zhao Xiaofei, Director of Zhejiang Disability Welfare Foundation:
Third, create an atmosphere of equality and integration, so that people with disabilities can enjoy a happy life. We call for equal treatment as the best care, the promotion of independence as the best support, the elimination of tangible and intangible barriers and discrimination, and the creation of a strong atmosphere and good environment for the whole society to understand, respect, care for and help disabled people.

Shui Yizhong, chairman of Sichuan Disabled People's Welfare Foundation, presided over the launch of the initiative.
The chairman of Tax Yi Zhong introduced the overall situation of the exhibition since the opening ceremony, it is reported that the total exhibition area of this expo is nearly 30,000 square meters, there are a total of 378 exhibitors, disabled institutions, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, special schools, online and offline visitors more than 1.9 million people, and 37 central and provincial mainstream media all-round coverage. More than 3.1 million followers and views. During the same period, the FOD Carnival and four special exchange activities were held, attracting more than 20,000 visitors to visit and exchange in three days, among which more than 10,000 disabled friends and their families attended the activities, and more than 5,600 professional visitors.
Hundreds of people attended the closing ceremony, including leaders of 12 provincial DPF and co-organizers, leaders of various cities (prefectures) and counties (districts), representatives of disabled people, social organizations helping people with disabilities, and caring enterprises.

In the preparation process of the Well-being Expo, there are many companies and institutions that have provided strong support for the event. The organizing committee of the Welfare Expo and the Sichuan Disability Welfare Foundation and other co-organizers jointly awarded the event to the representatives of 35 disabled enterprises.
Feng Jinwei, member of the Party Group and Vice chairman of Sichuan Disabled Persons' Federation, made a concluding speech on the event and announced the successful conclusion of the 2nd Chengdu International Welfare Expo and FOD Carnival.
——引导社会公众进一步了解 “营造无障碍环境”一次大科普;
The welfare Expo is a major event held after the successful conclusion of the eighth National Congress of the China Disabled Persons' Federation.
-- It is a specific measure to implement the coordinated development of the East and west of the country and the strategic deployment of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle.
-- It is a major collaboration among organizations of persons with disabilities in 12 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) to promote the construction of a barrier-free environment;
-- It is a major publicity campaign to fully showcase the cause of disabled people in the new era;
-- It is a great push to implement the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Construction of Barrier-free Environment to create a barrier-free living environment and humanistic care for persons with disabilities;
- It is a great service for persons with disabilities and their relatives and friends to understand and experience rehabilitation, education, employment, culture, sports and life in a barrier-free environment;
- A large training for disabled workers to learn on site;
- A big platform to promote professional institutions and enterprises to better serve the disabled;
-- A major survey on the development of the cause of persons with disabilities by the DPF, institutions assisting persons with disabilities, and relevant experts and scholars;
-- Guiding the public to further understand "creating a barrier-free environment" a big science popularization;
-- At the same time, make the Welfare Expo a big festival for disabled friends.

People who do not know about the cause of disabled people and the rehabilitation of disabled people came to the event, they said that this was a big science popularization, and it was the first time to experience the various inconveniences of disabled friends around them in life. For the first time, I know the significance of the promotion of disability accessibility for disabled people. It is the first time to see so many kinds of rich, cutting-edge products for the disabled.
Disabled partners from all over the country came, and they said that this is a feast of high-end dialogue and wisdom sharing, and a big exchange of the cause of disabled people and rehabilitation professionals.
Three consecutive days to see people with disabilities happy and bright smiles, this has become a big festival for them.
The participation of various organizations made the event a complete success, and it was a great cooperation full of love.

At this point, the second Chengdu International Welfare Expo have come to a successful end, and the entire activity has been a complete success and officially closed. Although the event has been closed, the service for the disabled will never stop, and I hope that the loving force of the whole society will continue to support the cause of the disabled, serve the disabled in a real way, and truly help the disabled.

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